1. The vehicle is driven & tested(including test drive outside Workshop) repaired and sole risk responsibility and liability of the Customer. In the case of damage due to an accident, repairs will be carried out under the insurance of the vehicle.
  2. The customer will not hold A.V.M AUTO responsible/liable for any delivery or in carrying out of repairs or procurement of spare parts for reasons beyond A.V.M AUTO control.
  3. The customer undertakes,to take delivery of the vehicle within 48 hours of advice regarding completion of work.In the event of delay the customer has no objection to A.V.M AUTO charging storage charges @Rs.150/- per day alongwith the charges of repair,spare parts etc.
  4. The Customer has no objection to A.V.M AUTO levying an estimation charge of Rs.500/- or 10% of labour charges whichever is the higher if the job is not entrusted to A.V.M AUTO after obtaining the estimate and agree to pay the same in addition to the storage charges mentioned above.
  5. The customer undertakes, to make the payment of all charges before taking delivery of the vehicle.Terms of payment are cash or demand draft only. In the event of settlement of the bill is delayed beyond the period of 7 days.A.V.M AUTO may levy a charge interest @18% p.a. on the outstanding bill amount from the date on which the vehicle is ready for delivery until payment made.
  6. A.V.M AUTO may effect delivery of the vehicle to the person whose signature appears on the repair order form.
  7. Practically it may not be possible to notice and restore all dents, scratches and damages on the vehicle at the time of accepting the vehicle and if some are noticed during repairs/servicing, the remarks of the workshop incharge will be final and legally binding on the Customer.
  8. The accident/damage repair estimate making charges , in case of a total loss of car is Rs.3000/-.
  9. Delivery to Customer will not be given on credit.
  10. Air conditioning & wheel alignment will be done out of our workshop.
  11. A.V.M AUTO will not be held for loss or damages to the vehicle or articles heft in the vehicle in case of fire, theft accident or any other cause beyond A.V.M AUTO control.
  12. All disputes to Ahmedabad (Gujarat,India) jurisdiction.   
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